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Tootawl + Kieran Le Cam + Wednesdays Wolves + Jessie Reid + Andre Tajchman

Sunday 23rd February 2020
Tickets £5.00

During summer 2014, a young Irish troubadour named Richard O’ Gorman found himself in Nashville, Tennessee performing his bustling brand of indie/folk in such famous venues as The Bluebird.

Standing at six foot five, he was christened ‘too tawl’ in typical Tennessee twang. The name stuck like glue and upon his arrival home with this new title he began working on material for his debut EP. Mainly taking inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles and also older blues musicians such as Blind Willie McTell, Tootawl mixes this strong sense of musical tradition with his own unique folk style.

Since his time in Tennessee, Tootawl has supported Aslan in their sold out gig in Cork Opera House and Ham Sandwich at the Bandon Music Festival, and supported Bagatelle on their farewell tour to name a few. Tootawl recorded his debut EP with producer Christian Best (Mick Flannery, Jack O' Rourke) at Monique Studios which received widespread national radio airplay, and toured extensively (London, Berlin, Edinburgh, San Francisco & Los Angeles). He also had the title track of this EP played in an episode of the Netflix original series 'You Me Her'.

In November of 2017, Tootawl has just released his second EP, Twist Of Paranoia, which has received national radio airplay in Ireland and the US, and is in preparation to record his first full length LP this year.
Kieran Le Cam
Hi. I'm Kieran. And I want to change the world.

A few years ago, I was hit with a mental disease that put my whole world into question, and after much thought and ongoing healing, I decided to try to make the world a better place.
I want to write songs that help you feel a little better about the state of our world, and our problems. Your problems.
When you're down, you sometimes just need a smile to brighten your day, a stupid joke to make you laugh or a song to sing along to. I don't have much but I have those.
But to make that dream come true, I need the right people by my side.
I'll need support. And that's where you come in.
Help me change the world.
Wednesdays Wolves
Wednesday's Wolves is a folk duo comprised of Ysabelle Durant and Chrissy Renker. Both third culture kids, they met while at school in Sri Lanka although their musical collaboration didn't start until they had both finished University. They first sang together in the summer of 2012 where they were asked to perform a few covers at a charity concert in aid of Save the Children. In June 2013 they began writing their own material and performing at open mic nights around the UK quickly leading to several invitations to perform longer sets at gigs in London and Oxford, one of which found them on the same bill as producer and member of Tired Pony Iain Archer. In December 2013 they were featured on BBC Radio Oxford's open mic slot. Their songs use simple guitar riffs and vocal harmonies combined with a variety of percussive instruments such as cajons and glockenspiels to create emotive and evocative music. Inspirations include artists like Sufjan Stevens, The Paper Kites, Bright Eyes, Fionn Regan and Bon Iver.
Jessie Reid
An acoustic artist .... Beautifully crafted and delicate songs ......
Andre Tajchman
Singer/ songwriter

Just posted a video @ The Spice of Life - Soho https://t.co/YgYIdpPAyI

Tuesday 22/09, 23:04
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