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state wild // ej o'reilly // say yes, do nothing // toby llewellyn

Friday 24th January 2020
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The Band
Beorn - Vocals / Seyfi - Guitar / Mat - Bass / Antonio - Drums

State Wild takes you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Merging two very different worlds, the expansive sounding landscapes influenced by the wilderness together with the electronic and processed beats of the urban. Their debut single ‘Up In Space’ captures the essence of the band and continues to make an impact over radio, spotify playlists and music blogs across Europe. But this is just a taste of what they have planned.

The songs have been developed by producer David Dawood and has been recorded in London at L.A. Studios. This award winning producer holds a UK number one Roll Deep ''Good Times".

David became interested in Beorn ́s voice and musical ideas since they were introduced by Mark Pelli, guitarist of the band MAGIC!.

Due to the vast amount of work behind each of the songs, they now represent a strong marketable product with international appeal and high synch potential. The band’s line up has been carefully chosen in order to deliver a stunning live performance driven by energy and dynamics, prioritising the sonic principles behind the original studio sound. During the show, State Wild makes use of their hugely percussive sound to make the audience part of it.

Although focus has been on developing the project itself, State Wild has already banked some notable gigs playing venues such as O2 Islington, The Water Rats, The Fiddlers Elbow Camden, and the club Embargo among others across London.


Hailing from Newcastle near Belfast, His music consists lo-fi folk and americana elements producing an intimate up close sound.


Punchy, edgy, catchy Yank rock: Say Yes, Do Nothing (sayyesdonothing.com) are a four-piece guitar-driven original rock band from north London.
Winners of the 2018 Future Music Showcase Award, SYDN writes songs that are raw and poetic street reports on personal experiences with homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism. SYDN's unique sound is neatly fused with vocal harmonies, guitars, harmonica and mandolin.
Founding members Dave (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Simon (bass/backing vocals) met Michael (drums/backing vocals) at a gig in Kentish Town in late 2018. Soon after, Dan (lead guitar/backing vocals) joined after answering an online advert. Singer/songwriter Dave hails from the USA, where his previous band's album was named the Los Angeles DIY Album of the Year (‘Apron Strings’ by Breech) and featured on the popular 'Dawson's Creek' TV show.


Toby Llewellyn is a musician from the rural wilds of Wales who is now based in London. Taking inspiration from the folk nature of music from back home and the bustle of city life Toby and his band's music treads a line from ambient folk to indie crunch.

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