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Flat 24/7//Jarpsy//Cold Comforts//LOVE TRAPEZIUM//Prince Of Sweden

Friday 20th December 2019
Tickets £9.00

FLAT 24/7

Flat 24/7! Three lads from Derby and a French/Italian drummer. They're authentically fresh indie! They're the cause of skankin at the BBC & their tunes will have you dancing all weekend! Having played venues and festivals up and down the country, the boys are back in town with new tunes and a bangin video for their new single, The City. Watch the animals run riot through the streets of London’.


Jarpsy are the lovechild of the high-velocity, hard-hitting impact of mid-2000s indie rock, and the stadium-filling choruses of timeless classic rock vibes. With influences hailing from every era of musical history, Jarpsy are seeking to make themselves part of that history through their front-and-centre live shows that get the crowd riled up, moving, and sure to talk about the band long after the stage lights have come on. Despite the success of their debut EP The Come-Up, and their first single Hammerhead, Jarpsy keep their energy focused on keeping both their sets and repertoires fresh. No sooner are they perfected in the writing room, than new tracks are brought into live shows, so no two shows are the same. With each track, each set, crowds reach new heights of liveliness, riffs reach new heights of infectiousness, and Jarpsy reach new heights on their journey to being a household name.


Cold Comforts are an Alt/Singer-Songwriter band based in Manchester that formed after meeting at
university at the RNCM. Put together by guitarist/vocalist Kieran Murphy in an attempt to escape from
behind the drums and write his own songs for once, he is joined by James Cooke, Imogen Shortall and Jacob
Bentley. The name Cold Comforts is coined by Imogen and drawn from the Stella Gibbons novel Cold
Comfort Farm (1932), which parodies the romanticised accounts of rural life that were popular at the time.
Influence from artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Courtney Barnett and Car Seat Headrest as well as a DIY
mentality and love of lo-fi has shaped the sound of the band to be something visceral and yet still serene.
Though many of the lyrical themes stem from dark places there is always a silver lining. These are stories of
real life. It may suck now but it will always get better.


"A unified and tight playing unit, every keyboard and percussion interjection in just the right place"
- Cambridge Music Reviews, 2019

"Magnificent" - John Oxley, 2018

Pop band LOVE TRAPEZIUM used an innovative A.I. technique to create the first music video of its kind - rendering 6702 unique frames in the style of randomized famous paintings, creating a psychedelic and visually arresting viewing experience.
The song, SHE'S DEAD, is the first single from their upcoming Norwich-themed EP, the subject matter for which is evident from the single cover art, which shows the band's logo affixed to the 'Welcome to Norwich' sign. LOVE TRAPEZIUM are known online for their other creative music videos, such as XBOX 720, which was animated entirely in MS Paint, and SEE U AROUND, which used 11 years of footage of the band members as kids growing up.


Prince of Sweden is a 28 year-old singer-songwriter from South London.
Brought up in the country, he learned guitar from the guy with the strawberry farm opposite his house. In winter they'd sell Christmas trees together and jam afterwards. His main musical education came, however, from his dad's one-man a capella rendition of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog.
Long intrigued by lyricism and poetry, Prince of Sweden cites Arctic Monkeys, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits as his main influences.

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