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Gavin Sage + Hux + Kieran Le Cam + Simran Ahira

Sunday 22nd December 2019
Tickets £5.00

Gavin Sage
Hi! I'm Gavin Sage and welcome to my website. I'm a Blues/Americana guitarist/singer based in London.
I've been playing this sort of music for over 30 year's now - both acoustically and with a full band.
I currently gig in the London area as a solo artist and also with other bands that I front.
I do a combination of original material and covers reinterpreted in my own style.
HUX are a new London-based duo/band with Australian and English backgrounds. Having their first taste of festivals in summer, they quickly followed up with a debut single 'It's Alright' and are building up a following. HUX's sound combines multiple varied influences and is generally centred around strong rhythm, harmony and melody, creating a fresh sound with a little nostalgia.


Kieran Le Cam
Hi. I'm Kieran. And I want to change the world.
A few years ago, I was hit with a mental disease that put my whole world into question, and after much thought and ongoing healing, I decided to try to make the world a better place.
I want to write songs that help you feel a little better about the state of our world, and our problems. Your problems.
When you're down, you sometimes just need a smile to brighten your day, a stupid joke to make you laugh or a song to sing along to. I don't have much but I have those.
But to make that dream come true, I need the right people by my side.
I'll need support. And that's where you come in.
Help me change the world.
Simran Ahira
Simran Ahira is an artist and singer-songwriter from London. Her songs have a timeless style (with hints of Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell and The Big Dish) and are soulfully expressed in her unique voice, catchy guitar rhythms and heartfelt piano. She has been described as having a "stunning voice, well complimented by her technical acoustic guitar and piano work… well thought out lyrics sung with a touch of melancholy and a lot of passion." Simran also makes her own music videos and has released an EP, called "Unspoken", which she recorded with a producer in Paris.

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