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Ben Wickins + Helene Greenwood + Midori Jaeger + Nick Ereaut

Sunday 15th December 2019
Tickets £5.00

Ben Wickins
Ben Wickins takes hard rock and neo-soul and marries them in a basement in Hackney. But this wasn't always his intention…
He was once a gentle soul whose catchy songs were like vivid snapshots of beautiful places and complicated people. But more and more, his band members started turning up to rehearsals with seven-string guitars and great big Chinese cymbals, wreaking havoc with drive pedals and snare drum effects. It broke his heart.
Then one day, whilst staring intently into a whiskey and coke, at the bottom of which he could see his sunken dream of becoming the next Billy Joel, Ben reluctantly gave in to the whim of his musicians. The result? A hard-rock-tinged brand of laid-back funk that's low, dark and heavy but whose lyrics are descriptive, truthful and ironic.


Helene Greenwood
Helene Greenwood is a London based singer and composer. She was born in Dover, with a view of Dover Castle from her bedroom window. She started composing at the age of 10, and one of her earliest memories was playing along with thunderstorms.
She studied composition with John Woolrich. He said that "music is made from hundreds of pebbles, and that each pebble has a different idea, and every pebble needs a special colour and quality to it."
Her first album "Collectable You" was recorded with a beautiful band in the spirit of narrative folk and jazz, recording the album in a week. Martin Townsend in his review in the Sunday Express said "One to watch."
Her second album, to be released later in 2015, explores the ethereal moments of beauty in the domestic environment, singing from inside a crystal vase and gazing at the reflections of kitchen units. She journeys outside gazing in wonder at the beach, and from inside the moon, in a state of awe, like an alien. She visits a visionary psychic, Madame Marina, who lives in an empty house perched on the cliff edge.


Midori Jaeger
Cellist, singer and songwriter midori jaeger paves her own intricate and intriguing soundworld with pizzicato cello riffs and serene vocals gliding through warm, groove-led songs.


Nick Ereaut
Nick Ereaut writes heartfelt, groovy songs. His inspirations include The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Donny Hathaway.

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