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Delta Unit + Bentcousin + Actual Fact + Country Rats + Tom John Hall

Saturday 7th December 2019
Tickets £9.00

Delta Unit
A heady mix of 60's psychedelic rock/ punk/ powerpop....


bentcousin are twins pat and whalesun.


bentcousin make cutecore and acid punk.

bentcousin embrace charm, glamour, lies and magic

bentcousin are here to make music mischievous again

'bentcousin want to play with your aunt, to try on her clothes, don't say we can't.'

everyone is pretending - we love that!


Actual Fact


Country Rats
A 3 piece based in Manchester

“This release did make me feel like I was listening to them in a dimly lit, late-night cocktail bar, which I enjoyed very much” - Bucketlist Reviews


Tom John Hall
Grew up making noise with my best buds in Papayér, I make alternative pop music with little synthesizers, a big piano and a medium sized guitar.

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