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Polsky // Nocturnal // Charlie + Jake // Atom Drive

Friday 29th November 2019
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“POLSKY are a band of the people, by some people” – Chris Warren, Founder & CEO POLSKY has evolved from the bedroom laptop electronics of Chris Warren (vocals, guitar) to a fully-formed, energetic pop band with the appointment of the executive board; Senior Synth Architect, Ben Warn (keyboards), Rhythm Logistics Engineer, Alex Robertson (drums) and Low Frequency Systems Analyst Chris Norman (bass). Starting his musical career under the wing of Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie, while working in their September Sound studio, Warren paid close attention to Guthrie's production and writing techniques while absorbing ideas from sessions with Echo and the Bunnymen, Nick Lowe, Terry Hall, Ian Broudie, Billy Mackenzie and many others. Warren played in several bands throughout the noughties, including Shadow Orchestra (now Talk In Colour) and agit-pop band BIB - who were given an NME 'single of the week' and toured with the XX Teens. During this period he formulated his musical vision for what would become POLSKY and My Own Company, a collection of perfectly formed pop songs about corporate zombies, elderly love affairs, brain function, mid-nineties video game addiction and the undeniable human obsession with shouting louder than everyone else. Join POLSKY. Embrace their manifesto. Live their ethos. Dance their dance. All applications considered.


We are two music students from Portugal and based in London. Originally we had different goals for our music careers, one (Catarina) being an electronic music producer and DJ and the other (Lourenço) more inclined to playing in rock bands. Since we live together, we then decided to merge our styles and see what would the outcome be, resulting in a really great musical chemistry between the two of us. We like to say our style is like a cross pollination between electronic music and guitar solos


Charlie + Jake are a Bristol-based vocals and multi-instrumental duo, combining powerful, soulful vocals with rich piano to weave stories of love, friendship and sense of place.

Often cute and cheerful, sometimes wandering into the misty and mellow then swiftly dropping into the groovy and sassy to get everyone clapping along again. Every instrument under the sun will be used in loopy chaotic explosions of fun.


Atom Drive are synthwave / synthpop duo hailing from Liverpool, UK. Inspired by outfits like Carpenter Brut, Depeche Mode and The Human League, Atom Drive take a fresh, cosmic and dynamic approach to electronic performance. The band comprises Joe Foulds (vocals, guitar) and Stephen Blackburn (synthesisers, production) who previously collaborated in alt-rock band Resistance. They currently perform narrative-driven compositions with an energetic audio-visual live show that tells a story about distant, futuristic worlds and the discovery of an abandoned spaceship called “Atom Drive”.

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