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Seprona + Tiffany Twisted + Visa Baby + Lelli + Goblin Prince

Saturday 9th November 2019
Tickets £9.00

'Teaming big guitars and a haunting aura with gripping vocal confidence'


Tiffany Twisted
Rock band - Singer - songwriter, Hetti Harper. Northern girl, London based. Classically trained, but pure Rock n Roll!


Visa Baby
Visa Baby is lead by Sam Verlaine. With a love for guitar music and pop sensibilities, Verlaine creates high energy, hooky 3 minute wonders with guitar moves never before seen by human eyes.


French singer songwriter, Lelli , has always been surrounded by music. Between her mom’s Gospel, and her dad’s love for jazz, she developed a passion for soul. At an early age, she entered a music program to address her shyness. There she discovered the colours and textures of music, and fell in love with music performance and composition.

In 2017, seeking an environment to support her creativity and performance skills, she moved to London to study songwriting and extend her horizons. Today, THÉA wants to know how far she can go.


Goblin Prince
"Goblin Prince’s supernatural Baroque Pop feels like being led through a shadowy dream. Tragic and playful, the Spanish singer/songwriter blends medieval imagery, floral strings and 80s fantasy movie synthpop as they draw on their experiences as a queer youth, candidly exploring shame, identity and alienation. Influenced by a wide range of artists such as Regina Spektor, Lewis Carroll, The Knife and Kate Bush, Goblin Prince is ready to establish their own genre-bending pop kingdom."

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