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Shakira Alleyne // F4CADE // Shtëpi // Arcadial // Cassia Easlick

Friday 18th October 2019
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Shakira Alleyne is a thoughtful Songwriter and Musician from North London.

Her sound has a primarily ambient feel with elements of rap and there is a colourful and experimental edge to her debut EP. For inspiration in her songs, She tends to draw upon life experiences and uses her interest in creative writing to turn this into relatable content. There are several artists who have had an influence on her style including Lucy Rose, Mac Miller and James Blake.

Since uploading her EP 'Remember Freedom?' She has been working on new material and promoting herself as an artist having just been interviewed on BBC three counties radio as a BBC Introducing guest.


F4CADE are straight out the world famous Brit School,
formed in late 2018 - by Angel (vocals and synths) , Henry (guitar and vocals), Dermot (fretless bass) - they take influence from Kate Bush / The Lemon Twigs / Japan -
having performed already on the roof the Margates Turner Gallery, launched their first release at the Apple Store regent street in early 2019, F4CADE continue to play a variety of gigs across London.
The band are hard at work on the video for their next release - which is on track for August


Shtëpi are a trio from Guildford who's music is a combination of alternative rock, pop and jazz. The trios laid back sound consists of warm electric keys, funk inspired bass lines and playful guitar melodies.


Just as many other famous musicians have in the past, Arcadial formed less than a month after the band members completed their chemical engineering degrees. So, laden with accumulating student loan debt, Arcadial decided to make the excellent financial decision of moving to central London without jobs - to pursue a lucrative career in music. If they can't be found at arcadialmusic.com, the band is probably drinking tap water in preparation for a showing of their unique form of synth-heavy alternative rock.


Cassia Easlick is a 19 year old singer-songwriter born and raised in Surrey. She developed a love for music at an early age as she taught herself to sing, finding her unique voice. Whilst her passion was expanding she performed in a number of local shows and continues to play a main role in her local church band. She aims to be relatable through her lyrics and is currently in the process of releasing her own music.

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