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Wednesdays Wolves + Luca FD + Malcolm MacWatt + Simran Ahira + Freja Frances

Sunday 20th October 2019
Tickets £5.00

Wednesdays Wolves
Wednesday's Wolves is a folk duo comprised of Ysabelle Durant and Chrissy Renker. Both third culture kids, they met while at school in Sri Lanka although their musical collaboration didn't start until they had both finished University. They first sang together in the summer of 2012 where they were asked to perform a few covers at a charity concert in aid of Save the Children. In June 2013 they began writing their own material and performing at open mic nights around the UK quickly leading to several invitations to perform longer sets at gigs in London and Oxford, one of which found them on the same bill as producer and member of Tired Pony Iain Archer. In December 2013 they were featured on BBC Radio Oxford's open mic slot. Their songs use simple guitar riffs and vocal harmonies combined with a variety of percussive instruments such as cajons and glockenspiels to create emotive and evocative music. Inspirations include artists like Sufjan Stevens, The Paper Kites, Bright Eyes, Fionn Regan and Bon Iver.



Luca FD
London based singer-songwriter.



Malcolm MacWatt
As founding member of emerging London country band The Glass Mountains, Scottish musician Malcolm MacWatt is already gaining recognition for his Americana-infused songwriting.

While a deep respect for country and bluegrass is evident in his songs and guitar playing, as a solo performer Malcolm freely shows his British folk roots citing John Martyn and Dick Gaughan as major influences. Age 12 and just getting into the guitar he first heard Johnny Cash At San Quentin and was immediately hooked into country music. A Transatlantic Records promo album featuring Pentangle and Fairport Convention introduced the idea that folk, rock, blues and jazz could be fused together.

A self-confessed “guitar geek” he moved to London in 2010 to study guitar-making and instrument repair with some of the UK’s top luthiers. He also plays dobro and fiddle.



Simran Ahira
Simran Ahira is an artist and singer-songwriter from London. Her songs have a timeless style (with hints of Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell and The Big Dish) and are soulfully expressed in her unique voice, catchy guitar rhythms and heartfelt piano. She has been described as having a "stunning voice, well complimented by her technical acoustic guitar and piano work… well thought out lyrics sung with a touch of melancholy and a lot of passion." Simran also makes her own music videos and has released an EP, called "Unspoken", which she recorded with a producer in Paris.



Freja Frances
Freja Frances is a musician from Brighton who releases captivating acoustic songs on her own label to high acclaim from Amazing Radio, For Folk's Sake and Gigslutz. She performs regularly in London and Brighton, last year playing a Sofar Brighton session and recording a live track and interview with Balcony TV. She was also well received at Icebreaker Festival Southsea earlier this year. Freja was commissioned to compose a soundtrack song 'Take to the Skies' for online game Worlds Adrift, launched in May 2018. Akin to Gabrielle Aplin, Birdy, Låpsley, Freja's pure vocal delivery and minimal piano accompaniment make for an original, intense and unforgettable live set, including a preview of new tracks from her forthcoming album, which is released in September.

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