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Southbound + Five Points Gang + The Wulfbluds + Tae Pia + Henry Grace

Saturday 12th October 2019
Tickets £9.00

We are Southbound composing and performing our own Blues, Blues Rock and a little twist of something in between- From get up on your feet rocking tunes to deep down and dirty Soulful blues.
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Five Points Gang
Five Points Gang is a London based blues trio. The band are Harry Michael, Dinho Barral and Joe Pearson. Harry, Dinho and Joe met toward the end of 2018. From their first free flowing jam in a Notting Hill rehearsal studio, they knew something special was happening, and right there and then, the band was born. Although the focus is blues, the guys quickly discovered that their varied styles and capabilities injected something new into the genre. Five Points Gang is unafraid of combining jazzy/fusion improvisation, with hard hitting blues rock grooves and catchy songwriting – somehow keeping true to the modern blues ethos which is the thread that links them together. No two gigs will ever be the same, and the audience is as much a part of the performance – and over all gig experience – as the band themselves..



The Wulfbluds
Not your average 3 piece band..we play Indie/blues rock originals on Acoustic guitars through humbucker pickups peppered with harmonica solos and improvised jams on psychedelic drawn guitars



Tae Pia
What Can I Do With This Electric Feeling?



Henry Grace
UK native Henry Grace started making music at a young age and was already writing fully fledged songs by the time he was thirteen. His music career, however, did not really take flight until he moved to Los Angeles when he was twenty-one. He started out playing small clubs in Venice Beach before moving on to play many of California's most storied venues. In 2016, he released his debut EP, Crash The Moon, which gained him the attention of Guild Guitars among others. The EP's title track is centered around Henry's long but successful battle with depression during his late teens and early twenties. His sophomore EP, What We Took from the Mountain, was released in 2018 and documents Henry's journey in America—with songs such as Missouri infinitely demonstrating a departure from the English fields of his youth to something ultimately bigger and less familiar.

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