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The 295 // Foreign TV // The MoneyHoneys // George Balkwill

Friday 26th July 2019
Tickets £9.00

THE 295

A new budding band formed in the depths of West London, including Howard Gray, Ryan Bulbeck and Luke Allen. Playing a rough and ready rock and roll sound, trying to produce a raw image.


‘Foreign TV’ sees the psych-pop four-piece introduce a sound that doesn’t allow the band to fall into the plethora of new music; it’s ambient, but with an edge that keeps it from fading into background music. While it’s little to go on, it’s enough to know that Foreign TV are starting strong and no doubt only going to get stronger.' Gigslutz


A three piece rock band with heavy blues and progressive rock influences. We live for the fast and the loud. Bringing the groove back to rock!


Singer songwriter George Balkwill is a rising talent reigning From East London/Essex. His love of playing music was sparked at the young age of 10 years old when his father introduced him to blues style of playing guitar, although he’s early years were spent taking influence from the great bands and guitarists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix the urge to discover other genres quickly progressed over his teenage years and so George gravitated somewhat towards folk/indie/rock and some of the greatest artists in those genres, such as Ben Howard, Kings of Leon and Paolo Nutini all of which have had huge influence in his Songwriting. Due to this inspiration George strives to make raw yet truthful Folk/Indie music that moves and takes people on a journey of what he has experienced in his life and the people around him, a clear display of this emotion can be heard in his debut single “Leaving from the City” which is an anthem that stems from the experience of travelling/adventure which George had produced with well known producer Mark Topham.

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