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lavender hills // the shantlys // animal breakdown // sargent // jack walton

Saturday 20th July 2019
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Lavender Hills

young new alternative rock band - describe as "upbeat indie with a funky edge, packed with witty vocals."

The Shantlys

Hailing from Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, The Shantlys were formed in a time where record deals existed, rock stars were twisted, and last orders meant, guitars were passed to the gifted.

The band were very much inspired by Oasis, and as a result were obsessed with other influences such as The Beatles, Stones, The Who and The Sex Pistols. This however didn’t really form the sound that people associate with the band. Johnny Cash, his lyrics and rhythm has evidently been a very big influence, but what’s more prominent is the musicianship that lies in Motown music. The beats, the melodies, harmonies and lyrics is what inspires the bands writers. Rock n roll is king, until the Motown begins.

The band have toured for years, playing thousands of shows while being fortunate to play alongside more than one of their idles. They have recorded EPs and albums at prestigious studios such as Abbey Road and Sawmills studios and they are still just getting started.


Animal Breakdown combine a blend of indie rock with a dash of powerpop, an unhinged nostalgia of 80's post punk/new wave. Formed out of the ashes of family tragedy, broken hearts, violence and unemployment brothers in arms Martin, Josef and Marco needed to exorcise some demons and inject some joy and direction into their lives


Sargent are a North London based alternative rock band, with influences ranging from Muddy Waters, Joy Division and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Over the past year, Sargent have been putting themselves out there, by playing more gigs and constantly writing new material.

Jack Walton

Jack grew up in a UK Northern mining town, to a ‘modern’ mining family, that consists of a tough but loving, old school father, a gay mother and her partner and 1 sister and 6 step brothers and sisters. With access to his Dad's record collection: Zeppelin, Hendrix and Prince he began his passion for music and the guitar. He began gigging at the age of 11 and it soon became clear that he had a natural talent for holding an audience and telling an emotive story within a three minute pop song. His love of playing live continues to this day. Jack gives a passionate, skilled performance, whether playing to a few or a few thousand. His fan base has grown and grown with a true dedicated core support and following. Jack has been a record labels favourite, with extensive and continuous interest from majors such as Sony, Universal, Warner  and Island to name a  few.. Jack in turn decided that he would prefer and is more suited to an independent label where he would maintain creative control, working alongside his label and signed with The  House Of Nanchang. Jack has been beavering away behind the scenes to build a portfolio of hit material and has created a sound all of his own

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