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lame boy // dan simpson // molly armstrong // rhys warriner

Friday 19th July 2019
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Lame Boy

Self-Indulgent Indie-Pop

Dan Simpson

Off-the-cuff folksongs and very silly chat.

I gig in London, and have recently been lucky enough to gain a residency at the Bedford Tavern, at their ‘Thank Folk It’s Tuesday’ show (what a great name?!)!
 My gigs are either solo or not. There's a thing called the Dan Simpson Quartet cos I'm posh like that. It has 4 members, cos that's traditional. One is me. One is Alex Walls, on basses of many kinds. One is Dave Ide, on a fiddle and occasional funny remarks. One is Matt Ide, who is the brother of another of the members (who can guess which one?) and hits lots of things as well as being in charge of the overall sound of the band. We often gig with other people as well, because we love improvisation. Basically, it'll be a surprise who turns up (unless you're really against that, in which case we'll be sensible).

I have released two live demo EPs, called the Chapel Sessions. They can be downloaded for ZERO MONIES on bandcamp, or a CD version can be bought. There's also a great single for Christmas, which is also available there.

‘Transports you to another place.’ - Indied
‘Go watch my videos of Danzi, cos he’s a reasonably decent musician sometimes’ - Rhii Rendell

Molly Armstrong

21-year-old singer/songwriter. Having been spotted when she was 14 by The Who’s manager, Robert Rosenberg, whilst performing at a concert at school, Rosenberg put her in touch with producer Sean Genockey, and in July 2014, after turning 16, she recorded one of Sean’s songs (co-written with songwriters John Hogg and Leslie Mendelson) at his studio in South London. This started a creative partnership which has produced Molly’s current album.

Through Rosenberg, Molly and Sean were put in touch with Brighton based singer-songwriter Treana Morris, with whom Molly and Sean wrote the album.

Molly moved to London at the start of 2017 and along with Treana, started playing the open mic circuit around London and Brighton. Since then, Molly has gone on to support Artists such as Lilly Hiatt, Chris Spedding, and Steve Forbert and has been supported herself by Downton Abbey actor and musician Michael Fox

Rhys Warriner

Hailing from Oxford, at 21, Rhys Warriner is a very experienced singer/songwriter and performer. This refreshing new artist has gigged all over the country from pubs, clubs and festivals supporting the likes of Nathan Ball, Waiting for smith and Only the Poets. Rhys offers his unique new style of indie/rock which is complimented by a blend of relatable songwriting and catchy melodies.

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