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Hollie Cassar + Tim Brooks + Nick Ereaut

Sunday 21st July 2019
Tickets £5.00

Hollie Cassar

Originally from Malta, Hollie has been writing songs on the piano and guitar since the age of 12. Her influences include Coldplay, Regina Spektor and Air Traffic. In 2013, Hollie recorded rough demos of three of her original songs with Auburn Jam Music. You can listen to these tracks below. She will be recording her debut album later on this year which will include all her newest material, as well some of the first songs she ever wrote.

Tim Brooks

Music has always been a part of Tim Brooks' existence, it just took him 26 years to find out how big a part it would play.

Raised in a Christian household, in a sleepy town in Oxfordshire, with a core group of friends, and a schedule that would include a regimental meeting at 7pm on a Friday down the pub to talk about not much at all. If a rough, chaotic background was one end of the spectrum, Tim Brooks was sleepwalking on the other.

University and city jobs followed, ever more forcibly shoe-horning him into a pathway for which he was never a true fit, it was at this point that Tim dusted off a £30 acoustic electric, that he had acquired from “...possibly the dodgiest and most crooked shop in Southampton, they didn't have a till, just a big bundle of cash”. Gaining traction through the Hertfordshire open Mic circuit, a path trodden by the likes of James Bay and Alex Francis, he found that not only could he belt out a cover with the best of them, but that his voice was raspy, loud and aggressive. In the world of the smokey, Strongbow stained seats and the tall tales of the locals, you stand up and you make noise, otherwise it will eat you alive

Nick Ereaut

Nick Ereaut writes heartfelt, groovy songs. His inspirations include The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Donny Hathaway.


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