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Silvia Adelaide & Mama Bros + Esther & the Sisters + Martin Lloyd Chitty + Little Blue Thula

Sunday 14th July 2019
Tickets £5.00


Silvia Adelaide & Mama Bros

"Silvia Adelaide & Mama Bros" begin their collaboration in 2007.
The trio composed by the singer Silvia Adelaide, the guitarist Matteo Masin and the drummer Mauro Masin.
"Traffic Island" is an album with blues / jazz sounds, a set of sounds that have influenced the taste of musicians; in fact, in the album there are references to Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Etta James, Buddy Guy, B.B King, Tom Waits.
"Silvia Adelaide & Mama Bros" bring in Italy and abroad a series of unpublished and other songs made after the album's recording, with an elegant and never intrusive sound given by an acoustic version composed by voice, guitar and drums.
In the upcoming live concerts you will also hear the latest new song "Outside the window", produced by Andrea Debernardi and Giulio Nenna, available on all Digital Stores and YouTube

Esther & the Sisters

Esther & the Sisters are an original groovy jazz-pop act consisting of 7 dedicated female musicians, fronted by soulful singer-songwriter Esther Mics.

Lead singer Esther Mics is a passionate performer and a focused writer. Her songs are often inspired by nature and travelling and are addressing topics such as equality, positivity and a conscious way of living. Influenced by different genres such as jazz, funk and soul Esther & the Sisters’ songs are an eclectic blast from the past with an exciting modern twist.

The Sisters, who often call themselves “Sunshine Ladies” create a distinguishable unique sound through some mesmerising harmonies, complex textures an energetic stage performance. They are all strong female characters from all over world with classy, vintage style and an outstanding musicianship.

Esther & the Sisters are trying to bring a positive change to the world through the power of women and groovy music!

Martin Lloyd Chitty

Martin Lloyd Chitty is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, based in London and Lancaster, UK. His distinctive strain of atmospheric folk blends lyrical storytelling with impeccably crafted melodie

Little Blue Thula

Little Blue Thula are an alt-folk duo described by critics as “passionate with wholesome melodies which are doused in warm Americana elements”. Forming over a year ago, playing almost 80 shows (of which some include supporting signed artists) and a full length album recorded, it’s fair to say they are fast becoming one of the most productive bands on the circuit.

With influences which vary from Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith to Townes van Zandt and Hank Williams, the sound and style of Little Blue Thula is unlike anything else heard on the local music scene.

“The bands folksy rhythm is reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel’s melodious Lyricism”


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