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indigo // the ady baker sound // dead slow hoot // campbell sibthorpe

Saturday 23rd March 2019
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Johann was lonely. Then he found Tom, then Matt and then Arran. We insulted each other and yet we still come back for more. It must be because of what old and crusty music journalists would call "chemistry". So there's that. We currently play guitary indie alternative music, but who knows what the future holds…
Made up of Ady (vocals & samples), Jim Dorney (bass), Mark Summers (guitar) and Leo Brown (drums), The Ady Baker Sound met whilst scrapping on the playground later than most. Fast forward to a chance conversation in the pub and their eclectic creation started just over a year ago. They’ve been developing their lively sets in venues around the south east and generating a good deal of interest. The band have found a natural rhythm to combining their diverse musical tastes, which shouldn’t work on paper but is "like baking a cake in your ear holes". The band blend influences from the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack, The Cure, Primal Scream and PiL to create a joyous bumper car race of breakbeats, seismic baselines, glide guitar and machine-gun drum barrages, laced with laid back vocals and lyrical weaponry. Since releasing their debut single “The Autojector” on Musical Bear ‘Records’ in April 2017 they were playlist on BBC Introducing and immediately gained interest and attention for their unorthodox blend of electronica and alternative rock music. This was followed by their last free release ‘Never In A Month Of Sundays’ which is “full of soaring sounds that subtly build to create a laid back, lush song to get lost in” (Mark Montague Phonic FM). 

Dead Slow Hoot - Est. MMXIII

Bittersweet, anthemic, melancholy alt rock made in Sheffield.

Dead Slow Hoot combine poetic lyricism with rich musical textures and sparse sonic landscapes to fill your ears with melancholy musings. After the release of their EP 'I Suppose They Were Better Off As Dead' in 2016, Dead Slow Hoot have progressed to playing larger and larger stages, receiving critical praise from the likes of Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music in the process.

Returning after 2 years of perfecting their live and studio craft, their debut album No Reunions is an ambitious step forward from their past releases twisting and turning in surprising ways, moving from instant-earworm melodies to ferocious blasts of discordant noise influenced by post-punk. With a broader sonic palette drawing from influences as varied as experimental electronica, expansive shoegaze and chamber rock, Dead Slow Hoot sing of a world and psyche in crisis. The sincere and passionate lyrics speak of affluence and anxiety, phobia and rage, depression and reaction - the deeply personal side of the political.

‘Mindblowingly beautiful’ - Christian Carlisle, BBC Introducing

'Frontman Hugo Lynch delivers powerful, poignant vocals that culminate into an impressive mix of reverb drenched guitar riffs, dreamy melodies and energetic drums that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention and demand more' - English Rain Records

'Sounds like a haunting version of the Doctor Who theme if it were written by Danny Elfman and directed by Tim Burton as a glam rock opera' - Backseat Mafia

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Campbell Sibthorpe’s music paints rich, beautifully striking stories of love and death with the tenderness of Sufjan Stevens and the flourishing complexities of Fleet Foxes. Sibthorpe’s innate curiosity for the unknown deepens in his wrestle to find where the divine meets the tragic, ecstatic or mundane; all this colliding amongst a backdrop of soaring melodies and brash emotion.

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