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Lauren Lucille + KT and the Collectives + Luca FD + Dominique Fricot + The Alvarez Theory

Sunday 24th March 2019
Tickets £5.00

Lauren Lucille
By the age of ten, Lauren Lucille was already writing folk and pop songs on guitar and piano. She took a few years off folk/pop to write and release a jazz album called ‘Hidden Here’ in 2012, which has been well accepted on national and international airwaves and also Qantas Airlines! Two tunes from the album made the finals in the 2012/2013 QLDMusic Awards and made it onto QANTAS Airlines! Lauren is now back into writing folk/pop music full swing (WAS ON HAITUS IN ITALY AND IRELAND FOR SOME REST TIME AND IS NOW IN LONDON!) and is working solo and also with different musical line ups including a string trio! Her influences include Kurt Elling and Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor and more!


KT and the Collectives
Luca FD
London based singer-songwriter.


Dominique Fricot
For Vancouver’s Dom Fricot, music has always been a form of therapy, a way to explore and share the traumas of real life. A singer-songwriter, far removed from the clichéd tropes that are so closely associated with the term. Dom’s music brings to mind the widescreen, melodic pop of Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, and fuses it with the influence of more modern songwriters from Bon Iver to Sufjan Stevens. It’s in the live setting, whether as a solo artist of part of side-project The Folk Road Show, that Dom’s talents truly come alive; emotional, funny, and with the spirit of a story-teller and the vision of an artist – a songwriter with the world at his feet, and the desire to explore every inch of it, and one who makes you feel like you’re walking every step with him.


The Alvarez Theory
Tales of small town heroes,bar flies & gun slingers,heart breakers & heart broken, 
the toilers, gamblers & drifters,forlorn in the city or crossing the seas.

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