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Fox Jaw + St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club + eachOne

Sunday 17th March 2019
Tickets £5.00

Fox Jaw
“Majestic full-band rock with a distinct Irish touch.” – Nialler9 

“A jaw-dropping album release … One of the finest Irish rock albums of the year” – The Irish Daily Mirror 

“Oscillating between bluesy hymns dripping with bass lines and good old-fashioned rock’n’roll-around-in-the-mud, Fox Jaw are punchier and sassier than your grandma after several cheeky sherries … Fox Jaw represent the future of Ireland alternative rock bands.” – Itcher Magazine (UK) 

“An exciting sound that’s unquestionably their own.” – Hotpress 

“One listen to Fox Jaw’s second album and it’s impossible to figure out what genre they fall under … Therein lies the beauty of the Limerick quintet … Such inconsistency should be catastrophic, but Fox Jaw triumphantly embrace their weirdness” – The Irish Times 

“Epic” – The Irish Star 

“Solid songwriting with enough originality that puts them on the cusp of breaking … Fox Jaw are able to produce accessible rock songs that feel familiar while simultaneously finding their own signature sound … Highly recommended.” – The Equal Ground (USA) 

“Songs that they can happily bring anywhere, and win audiences with ease … They’ve carved out a sound that stays away from anything else that’s around right now.” – Dan Hegarty / 2FM


St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club
A beautiful creation….You want to listen over and over again” Arbetarbladet -Sweden 

”If you aren’t chanting as you get to the bridge – I am not sure if music is really your thing” emergingindiebands – UK 

“Jimi Sebastian has something that works for him, which makes ‘Epilogue’ an addictive listen” freshbeats365.com UK 

“You can’t help but feel as though the band just get you…A must listen!” Rough –UK and worldwide (single review) 

“Great song” Musikfeber – Sweden (Single Review) 

”St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club ist ein spannendes Projekt aus Schweden” – Ex und Hop Austria 

”It’s a genuine gift to be able to whip a listener into a cloud of sadness with your words and music. And St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club has that gift.” Rough –UK and worldwide (Album review)
Weird and Aggressive Rock Music using a Keyboard instead of a Guitar.

Four Horsemen Of The Acockolypse scored 1st place at this week’s #PubQuiz @SpiceOfLifeSoho in #Soho!… https://t.co/20ih0yt8lU

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