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Substance presents: Anna Rest Easy + Pocket Satellite + Baby Witch + Amateur Orchestra

Sunday 17th February 2019
Tickets £5.00

Anna Rest Easy
"Launched in August 2013, gloom-pop singer/songwriter Anna Rest Easy takes inspiration from the dark and devious. After the success of her EP "Shrink Wrap" (Aug 2014), and her debut album "Retrospectre" (Aug 2015), she is performing regularly and working on a second album to further depress the people of London.".


Pocket Satellite
Pocket Satellite was born after a chance meeting at an open mic night, over a hot chocolate, on a quiet Thursday evening in Sheffield. They're a fun loving pop/folk band with five members, fifteen instruments, and are never seen without their red balloons and a canister of helium. 

They have played at many major venues across the country, including Bush Hall and Proud Camden and have supported Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Admiral Fallow and The Head and The Heart. Their frequent festival appearances have also seen them sharing the stage with artists including Lucy Rose, Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran.


Baby Witch
Singer / Songwriter ...
Amateur Orchestra

It’s time for the #PubQuiz tonight @SpiceOfLifeSoho in #Soho from 07:00 PM! Hint: What shape is a dunce's cap? https://t.co/aSaSDmVYN6

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