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Drunk Prophets + Clarence Oddbody + Jen Simmonds + Sam Handy

Saturday 15th December 2018
Tickets £8.00

Drunk Prophets

Drunk Prophets was born out of a suspicious mist of toxic air, when cosmic particles collided with the touch of millions of rotten human souls lost in the far corner of the universe, screaming out desperate poetry. The day was dark, all was lost and everyone was drunk.

The music we play, is somewhere between rock and metal. This is the moment of transition, it’s the collagen in our bones, it’s the force in the universe, it’s the atom. It’s the moment when fall turns to winter. Right there. In-between.


Clarence Oddbody

Born on the 4th of July 2017,
A Scouser, a New Yorker and a Londoner make up - Clarence Oddbody.
A No-nonsense Rock Band - Guitar, Bass and Drums.
Taking their influence from late 60's/early 70's Rock with shades of Ska, Blues and New Wave.
With catchy Choruses, Dark lyrics, Fuzz Bass, Loud Echo Guitar and Old School Powerhouse Drumming making up the beast that is Clarence Oddbody!
Think Led Zeppelin meets Neil Young with a hint of late Beatles, a pinch of Big Star, all mixed up in a pot and served Loud!
Not trying to change the world, we are just here to Rock!!!!


Jen Simmonds

A smooth and slightly psychedelic haze of chiming guitars and picked acoustica, minimal beats and a voice that is both emotive and seductive.' - A&R Factory


Sam Handy

Sam Handy has been gaining a lot of traction since his first appearance in 2016. Having already made it onto the BBC Introducing's 'Hot Picks' list, Sam has proven himself to be more than just a regular performer at their introducing shows.

With a background carved out of soulful American dance music and blues, Sam has brought to life his blend of passionate vocals and expressive sounds to create his "soul rock" style. Citing Prince & John Mayer as some of his biggest influences, Sam mixes his relatable lyrics with memorable melodies and outstanding guitar sounds that leave you craving for more. His latest songs 'Maple Syrup' and 'Behave' as proof.

Sam's first release 'Early Light' went on to impress online radio giant 'Best of British Unsigned', and was nominated & awarded runner-up for their 'Best Unsigned Song' music award thanks to a popular vote. Having been a guest on Reload Sessions, Bridge Sessions and soon Mokum Sessions - Sam Handy continues to grow in popularity as a singer/songwriter.

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