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GlennHodgeBanned + Orange Nichole (of The Spearmint Sea) + Kelly Spyglass + Hannah Jackson + Luca FD

Sunday 14th October 2018
Tickets £5.00



Billy Bragg
'Really good stuff!'

Louder Than War
'Glenn Hodge is a unique talent and hopefully it will
be recognised soon'

Chris Rogers BBC London
'Great British folk sound with a modern twist'

Ringmaster Review
'Glenn Hodge Banned is a proposition to set ears and thoughts alight and push passions towards a tenacious greed'


Orange Nichole (of The Spearmint Sea)

A solo set from Orange Nichole ( of the Spearmint Sea)

The Spearmint Sea is an evolution of Orange Nichole, a band led by Nichole Ferree. With the addition of guitarist/vocalist Michael Boudreau, the music changed into something different—something more collaborative. So here we are in The Spearmint Sea... a body of water teeming with pop, fuzz, and staring at shoes.


Kelly Spyglass

Singer/Songwriter: delicate, atmospheric, moody, dark folk


Hannah Jackson

'Hannah delivers a profound performance, soothing her audience with soaring melodies and intricate acoustics.'

Glasgow singer/songwriter based in London


Luca FD

London based singer-songwriter.


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Wednesday 12/12, 16:28
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