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Hair of the Dog presents: Jumpin Jesse Jones + LOZT + Nick Dudek + Morning Tourist + Nick Ereaut

Sunday 14th January 2018
Tickets £5.00

Hair of the Dog presents: Jumpin Jesse Jones + LOZT + Nick Dudek + Morning Tourist + Nick Ereaut

Tonight's line up:

Jumping Jesse Jones

Jumping Jesse Jones is a kick ass solo acoustic performer who's guitar playing treads a thin red line between the funk bass of Larry Graham and the acoustic wizardry of John Renbourne. This unique hybrid of styles creates the effect of a full backing band. His voice veers precariously between Tom Waits and Elvis Costello with songs dealing with such diverse subjects as child abduction and biblical visions. He is also not adverse to mixing in a bit of overtone chanting (singing two notes at once) if applied tastefully! Past incarnations include bass player for London punksters The Cuckoo Jives and Loretta Heywood (Bomb The Bass). ....


LOZT is a soulful americana duo from both sides of the pond. Lauren Scudder (San Clemente, CA) and Tom Ryder (Cambridge, UK) come together to tell stories with sharp-witted lyrics and soaring harmonies. Expect plenty of chemistry, plenty of emotion, and more than a few laughs.

“Tom’s British charm and quirky lyrics fused with Lauren’s American soul and R&B vibes creates pure magic”


“LOZT marries together two sensational voices. The songwriting is heartfelt, clever and genuinely entertaining. Their live show can make you laugh and cry; Tom and Lauren are great to listen to and great to watch. The chemistry between the two of them, and between them and the audience, is electric”

Nick Dudek

A mysterious singer / songwriter who is totally unrelated to Jerzy.

Morning Tourist

Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Rock, Punk Rock, Folk

Nick Ereaut

Nick Ereaut writes heartfelt, groovy songs. His inspirations include The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Donny Hathaway.


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